Get Your Good Sound

You have found the home of The Good Sound Guy, Jonathan Gourd. I am a complete indie film sound department. You can hire me to record, edit, clean, mix, design, master, ADR, and foley your sound in stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and 360 VR. I will work with you to make sure you can afford to get the best sound possible because your project is worth it. I can edit your Podcast.

I am experienced in VR sound for film, having completed several binaurally & Ambisonically recorded short films and a feature. My sound tracks will follow along with your head tracking if you are making a 360 movie or pehaps fully immersive 3D gaming.

My sound design style has been described as minimalistic and organic. I try to use natural sounds wherever possible.  These days I have been getting a reputation as a sound designer who can really punch up indie horror flicks. I recently did Killer Campout, Kill Everyone, and few I can't reveal yet.

I work directly with several composers and can provide composition services to those that require it.

I have been doing serious recording since 1975 and in all that time I got very good at it. I got my degree in sound recording in Boston. After many years as a live sound engineer and live recording engineer I switched from music to film.

My studio includes a vocal booth, a foley stage & a 5.1 mixing room, and dub stage.

My location recording system consists of 2 8-Track recorders, 6 Wireless Lav Mics, 1 Wireless Adapter (any mic), 2 shotguns on booms, 5.1 Holophone, Ambisonics VR mic, a dead cat, a blimp, etc. I totally have all your on set recording needs covered. Want your ambiences recorded in 5.1 or Ambisonics, I got it.

My field recorder can encode 1st order Ambisonic "B" (FuMa or AmbiX) on the fly so there is no time wasted waiting for post processing to get the sound into the pipeline. If you are planning a 360 or VR film and need both natural VR sound and close mics on actors; I can provide that.

I also can be hired for corporate vidography (and depositions coming soon pending notary status). I can do motion graphics & creative titles as well. Try me for your next testimonial project. I am also available for DIT.

Another service I provide is timecode playback for music videos. By sending sync signals wirelessly to all the cameras from the playback device, all the cmera footage will drop right into the timeline in the exact places you needed them.