You have found the home of The Good Sound Guy, Jonathan Gourd. I am an indie film sound department. You can hire me to record, edit, clean, mix, design, master, ADR, and foley your sound in stereo, 5.1, and 360 VR. I will work with you to make sure you can afford to get the best sound possible because your project is worth it.

I have been doing serious recording since 1975 and in all that time I got very good at it. I got my degree is in sound recording in Boston. After many years as a band live sound engineer and live recording engineer I switched from music to film.

My studio includes a vocal booth, a foley stage & a 5.1 mixing room.

My location recording system consists of 2 8-Track recorders, 6 Wireless Lav Mics, 1 Wireless Adapter (any mic), 2 shotguns on booms, 5.1 Holophone, Ambisonics VR mic, a dead cat, a blimp, etc. I totally have all your on set recording needs covered. Want your room tone recorded in 5.1 or Ambisonics, I got it.

I also can be hired for corporate vidography (and depositions coming soon pending notary status). I can do motion graphics & creative titles as well. Try me for your next testimonial project.

Get Your Good Sound