Vordio Remote Workflow

Monday, July 1, 2019 9:10 AM


Vordio is a nifty little piece of software that lets Reaper users import editing sessions as XML or EDL files. A great benefit to the demo version is that it only limits the length of the reaper file that it creates while still collecting all the assets into a single folder for transfer to the sound post dept. This feature allows for the Vordio Remote Workflow which the author describes here

I am here to tell you it works great, when you can get the editor to use the free demo version of Vordio correctly. Here are some tips for the editor preparing his session for export through Vordio.

If using FCPX, assign audio roles properly.

Keep your media organized, Vordio has to be able to find it. If, Vordio completes the task and there items remaining in the queue, you must change the search directory to where the missing files are and try again. Repeat until the media queue is empty. Only then will all the assets have been properly copied to your folder.

Place into the folder, the Vordio log file, the XML or EDL used, and a video file render (with sound) of the timeline represented by the XML or EDL. The video should not be temporally compressed so ProRes LT is a good choice. It should also have timecode burned into the picture. 

The editor really should put in a universal countdown and start the timecode at 00:59:50:0 so the first frame of the movie is 01:00.00:0.

On the sound editors side of things you are going to find that there is a good chance your poly files are broken up into individual tracks and sometimes all those tracks are all set to CH1. When expecting to see two lav tracks, a boom, and room mic and all you see is lav #1. It is trivial to select all the items on a track and select the next channel in the ISO.